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Welcome to Levi Manselle's Website!  Levi specializes in product development, consulting, product/parts sourcing and manufacturing.  You can also find tons of great deals on closeout computer hardware, closeout musical instrument parts and musical instruments. 


NEW POSTS:  Updated articles, go ahead and check out the NEWS FEED for interesting articles.  (Updated Oct. 2012)

It's been nearly a year - and yes, I have been busy...  Updates include:  New Website being beta tested right now, should be up within next 30 days.  I will be listing a large amount of USA manufactured goods:  computer cases, Carlson Electric Guitars & Basses, unique gifts, etc.  I should have everything up and running by the middle of November, 2012.  Check out my News Feed - some interesting things have been occurring recently, note worthy at the least!


SEPTEMBER 2011:  Closeouts galore!  That's right, I am clearing out space in the warehouse, I have a ton of brand new merchandise that is listed on my ONLINE STORE page, lots of smoking good deals where I would rather sell at a loss instead of paying for the space - closing out tons of stock!  Get it NOW, it will be gone soon!!! (posted Sept. 22nd, 2011)

*** NOW AVAILABLE - Closeout Electric Guitars!!! *** 

I also have overstock - surplus, close out products, new and refurbished computers and parts, as well as products that I manufacture available on my website!  I now have a bunch of tech and computer gear listed for sale - most products are brand new or refurbished.  Contact me if you don't see what you need, chances are I have it...  I will be posting more information about my current projects, available products, etc.  Check out the other pages, I have updated some information today as well.  I have yet to invest some time in updating the layout and content of this site, but I figure it's better to have a semi-presence rather than nothing at all.  I have been making little updates here and there, so check back often!   Thanks!     ~Levi

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